Spc training company specializes in dentistry, medicine, healthcare, and pharmacology. Spc is one of the largest training companies in the Gulf & Middle East countries. It became as such in a very short period of time because we consider quality in all our services. We offer special courses and diplomas in all medical fields and specializations for physicians, dentists, and pharmacists.

Our Mission:

Enhancing professional careers for our trainees and meeting their needs for excellence

Our Vision:

To widen the scope of our services so as to cover the whole globe Spc training company offers a list of professional diplomas and programs:

Cosmetics dentistry diploma
Dental implant diploma
Orthodontics diploma
Oral surgery diploma
Pharmaceutical industry management.
Pharmaceutical marketing & sales.
Professional OTC advisors.
Hospital pharmacy.
Hospital management.
Infection control.
Healthcare quality management (HCQM).
Clinical pharmacy (pharmacotherapy).
Clinical pharmacy (oncology).
Clinical pharmacy (nutrition).
Crtifeid Professionals in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ).

9 abbas el-akkad street, nassr city, Cairo, Egypt
Tel: (+202) 24010655
Cell phone: (+2) 01143050023
Call phone: (+2) 01024212175
E-mail: info@spc-eg.com